YO WhatsApp Download APK Update Latest Version 2022

yo whatsapp apk download

YO WhatsApp Download APK Update Latest Version 2022 is a modified version of the official WhatsApp that has very many features that WhatsApp does not have and breaks a lot of limitations on top of the original WhatsApp, if you are looking for the latest version of YO WhatsApp APK and want to download YO WhatsApp and update If you are looking for the latest version of YO WhatsApp APK and want to download the latest version of YO WhatsApp and update it, then you can go to the official website below and download it because YO WhatsApp is really one of the best WhatsApp modifications.


YO WhatsApp Download APK Update Latest Version 2022

Nowadays, most of the people like to use this Yo whatsapp application. It has been updated to set contact wallpapers, change icons, freeze last seen, notify contacts online, change text size, hide blue tick marks after replies, conversation cards, languages and many more features. We are ready to introduce this app.


YO WhatsApp Download APK update latest version 2022 Features.

It is launched as a theme shop, set contact wallpaper, change icon, freeze last seen, contact online notifier, change text size, hide blue tick mark after reply, conversation card, language and many other updated features. We will provide this app description for the updated features.


  • YOThemes Store: there are over 4000 themes available for you to try at no cost. Whenever you get bored with the YOtheme options, you can modify this application and customise it just the second time. We can say that it is free and can be enjoyed by using them.
  • Contact online notifiers: You can see an alert message at the top of the screen when your chat members are online. This way, you can easily identify people who are online and also send a text or call immediately.
  • Status: In the original WhatsApp, you could view your status by swiping to the left, it will be in the second option. Now, the status will appear at the top of the screen just like Instagram stories.
  • Contacts in the home screen: It has an updated feature that helps to show the chat conversations of specific people on the home screen. To do this, you need to hide the specific chat and click on the More option after clicking on the Download button. It is so useful that you can try clicking on a specific chat.
  • Airplane mode: In the original WhatsApp, you do not have this airplane mode option. However, in the YO WhatsApp Download APK app you can treat it as a distraction-free mode, which looks like a wifi icon. Now in this new version, turning on airplane mode helps to stop receiving and sending SMS, calls even if your phone is connected to the internet or wifi. almost like a mobile airplane mode.
  • Freeze last seen: In most cases, everyone is always worried about last seen. So, they are willing to hide it. It allows you to see other people's last seen, while others will not be able to see your last seen. To enable it, click on Yo mods > Privacy > Freeze last seen by clicking on three dots. enable this option and restart the application to make the change.
  • Disable forwarding messages: In previous versions, if you forwarded a text or image, it would indicate that it had been forwarded. It allows you to resend a photo or chat without a forwarding tag.
  • Who can call me? : You won't actually like getting calls from unknown numbers. Therefore, this option will help to reject unknown calls. You can customise it to your liking, for example Contacts only or Everyone or Nobody.
  • Hide viewing status : YO WhatsApp Download APK allows people who post images or videos on their status will not know that you are viewing it. By enabling this feature we can view statuses posted by others without their knowledge.
  • Anti-deleted status: If a user posts a story in the status bar and deletes it after it has been posted, the deleted story will be removed and no one will be able to see it. Here, the deleted status/story is not deleted for you and is clearly visible.
  • Deletion-proof messages: accidentally send a message to someone and delete it after receiving it. You will see it as "This message has been deleted". But here, we can also see the deleted text.
  • Show blue tick marks after replies: Sometimes we forget to reply to messages we receive because of some problem reading them. YO WhatsApp APK has an exciting feature that can help you because your chat members will only see the blue tick marks after you reply and not when you view the chat conversation.
  • Hide typed and recorded action text: The YO WhatsApp Download APK allows you to hide the indicator that you are typing or recording audio. So it may take you a long time to reply.
  • Hide contact's date and name: When sending a message to someone, you can remove the date and name of the chat member.
  • Hide double tick: When a message is sent to someone connected to the internet, a double tick is displayed when it is received. However, even if your data is open, it will only show a single one.
  • Hide Profile Picture: If you do not want to see a particular contact picture. Now enable this module and it will remove the contact profile picture from the title of the conversation screen.
  • Hide media from gallery: Most of the time people receive useless videos or images in group chats. As storage space fills up and raises problems such as no internal storage space when important documents etc. are needed.
  • Turn on Always On: Turning on this mode shows that you are online even if the other person is not.
  • Languages available: English, Hindi, Spanish, German, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and dozens of other languages. Choose the language you prefer.
  • Scale style: you can choose your scale style after sending them a message.
  • Bubble styles: We can choose chat bubble styles with different backgrounds and shapes. It will also modify the text size of the message.
  • Colour customisation: If you are tired of the same old green colour, then you can choose to change the colour of the background, navigation bar, action bar and status bar on the screen within the YO WhatsApp APK.
  • Set custom wallpapers for each contact: Now you can set the chat wallpaper for specific people, such as your friends, family etc. This way, you can easily recognise when you receive a message or call from them.
  • Send up to 700 MB of video: It helps to easily send up to 700 MB of video in good quality and without any interruptions.
  • Conversation background colour: You can customise the background colour of the conversation, which can be set without wallpaper.
  • Chat contact pictures: we can see their profile picture when they send us a message and when we send them a message.
  • Participant pictures: There will be many members in the group and you will be confused about the members. It allows to see a specific person's picture next to the conversation in the group.
  • Choose a favourite font style: If you are tired of using the same font all the time, then you can choose to change to another interesting font.
  • Emoji variants: You can change the emoji variants while chatting, it shows as stock, Facebook, emoji a V3 and you need to select any of them. This way, customise your own emoji and send it to your loved ones.
  • Launcher icon: If you want to choose a launcher icon that you find interesting, then you can change the colour and design of the YO WhatsApp APK launcher icon.
  • Notification icon: This icon will appear in your status bar when you receive a notification. It has an option to change its colour. It is best to choose the same colour as the launcher icon.

This is all about YO WhatsApp Download APK Update latest version 2022, if you are interested in YO WhatsApp APK then you can click on the download link in the article to experience this interesting blog!

How to Transfer YO WhatsApp data to New Phone on WhatsApp?

 Many people think that transferring data from YO WhatsApp to the original WhatsApp in another device is a complicated task. However, I’m here to tell you that this is far too simple, and you just have to follow these steps.

How to Transfer YO WhatsApp data to New Phone on WhatsApp?

  • First you need to back up the YO WhatsApp data on your current phone.
  • Open your phone’s file manager and find the yowhatsapp data you have just backed up. You will find that the data is in a folder named “YoWhatsApp”, then you will need to change the name to “WhatsApp”. In addition, any subfolders in this folder with the name “YO WhatsApp Audio” need to be renamed to “WhatsApp Audio”.
  • Next you will need a data cable that connects your current phone to a computer. Transfer the folder of WhatsApp from your phone to the desktop of the computer.
  • Install WhatsApp on the other new phone and sign in to your account.
  • Link the new phone to your computer with the data cable,then transfer the WhatsApp folder from the computer’s desktop to the internal storage space of the new phone
  • Finally, launch your WhatsApp on the phone and allow the app to access some of your some datas. When the “Backup” message pops up in the interface window, click “Restore”. Once the data has been restored, click Next.

That’s it! You have finally transferred your YO WhatsApp data from your old phone to WhatsApp on your new phone.

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Why should i download Fouad Whatsapp ?

 WhatsApp is a popular social media application for Android and iOS devices that is used by billions of people every day. The service provides end-to-end encryption and secure connections. In addition, it is a messaging application. However, WhatsApp has added video and voice calling options. The application offers basic functionality with some limitations.

It allows users to post statuses longer than 30 seconds and does not allow sending larger files. It also lacks customization settings for the user interface and some privacy settings. If you want to use more additional features of WhatsApp service, Fouad Whatsapp APK is the best choice.

Why should i download Fouad Whatsapp ?

The modified solution is a personally developed alternative to the native application and allows users to add more features and functionality to the native application. Fouad Whatsapp APK is an early modified version of WhatsApp that has been around for quite some time. Developed by Atnaf Hoaks, Fouad WhatsApp has many additional features that were missing in previous versions of WhatsApp.

It gives users more control over WhatsApp’s privacy and user interface customization. In addition, the app is safe to use and you will not be banned from WhatsApp thanks to the preventive ban feature.Recently, the developer launched the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, which includes bug fixes and further additional features. However, the application is not available from the Google Play Store, but you can download and install the APK file. Other features include.

Powerful features – Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp now includes an anti-revocation feature; when enabled, other users cannot delete their messages after they have sent you a text message. In addition, Fouad WhatsApp has a built-in message scheduler. You will get the ability to automatically reply to messages, and you can also hide chat logs, save statuses, and also hide the privacy of viewing statuses. With Fouad WhatsApp, you can send 100 photos and videos at a time, which is much better than the native limit of 30.

You can also call non-contact numbers and can send a video file of up to 50MB. Fouad WhatsApp gives you the ability to hide Bluetick, last seen, second tick, typed messages, voice recording status, and more. Copying other people’s statuses is easy, and you can also broadcast messages to more than 600 contacts at once. Themes can be changed and can be customized manually; in addition, a DNS mode is included, which is enabled and you will not receive any incoming messages.

Click here for Fouad WhatsApp update latest version from official website

How can I identify whether FMWhatsApp contains malware?

It's basically a mod version with a lot of amazing features and functionality. You can only use this messaging application on Android devices. There's no version for iOS or iPhone. If you want to use it, download it from a third party website.

How can I identify whether FMWhatsApp contains malware?

Click to download official: FMWhatsApp DownloadWhatsApp has other mods that are relatively good. You can try YO WhatsApp download. I am sure you will have a very enjoyable experience!

This mobile app has many amazing features. If you use it on your phone, you can use these features completely for free. Here are some of the best and amazing features of FMWhatsApp.

  • No banning of accounts
  • Customize all Settings and functions.
  • Hidden conversations do not show up on your home reading counter
  • Hide media files in the moving gallery
  • Set any image to the home screen background
  • This FMWhatsApp module also provides many other features.

¿Cómo ocultar un chat en WhatsApp Plus 2022? - descargar WhatsApp Plus v9.45

 La poderosa plataforma de mensajería instantánea WhatsApp Plus se ha convertido en un servicio de mensajería muy popular en todo el mundo. Cada vez más usuarios descargan WhatsApp Plus de forma gratuita, ya que es una versión más completa y activa de la plataforma. Esta versión modificada es esencialmente similar a la original y le permite enviar mensajes, compartir medios, crear actualizaciones de estado y mucho más. La mayoría de las funciones son familiares para todos los usuarios. Sin embargo, WhatsApp Plus 2022 se actualizará oportunamente, añadiendo constantemente características más inteligentes que el original.

¿Cómo ocultar un chat en WhatsApp Plus 2022? - descargar WhatsApp Plus v9.45

Click the below link to download from official website whatsapppluss.com: descargar WhatsApp Plus v9.45

Por ejemplo, ofrece más privacidad, seguridad y funciones inteligentes que la versión original. Las funciones de chat secretas o ocultas específicas son muy apreciadas y mejoran enormemente la seguridad de los usuarios, ya que las personas hacen todo lo posible para evitar ser espiadas. Esta característica es simplemente una bendición para aquellos que desean privacidad.

En este blog, vamos a compartir con usted varias maneras de ocultar WhatsApp Plus APK chats fácilmente.

Parte 1. Ocultar WhatsApp Plus con los archivos del chat.

¿Cómo ocultar un chat en WhatsApp Plus?

  • Paso 1: primero instalar WhatsApp Plus y abrir WhatsApp Plus en su teléfono.
  • Paso 2: mantenga pulsada la ventana de chat que desea ocultar.
  • Paso 3: varias opciones deben aparecer en la esquina superior derecha.
  • Paso 4: seleccione la casilla con la flecha hacia abajo.
  • Paso 5: después de archivar el chat, ya no aparecerá en la ventana de chat normal.

¿Cómo ocultar todos los chats en WhatsApp?

  • Paso 1: descargue la última versión de WhatsApp Plus y ábrela en su teléfono.
  • Paso 2: haga clic en los tres puntos en la esquina superior derecha.
  • Paso 3: encuentra la sección de configuración y haz clic en ella.
  • Paso 4: seleccione "archivar todos los chats" que puede ver en su historial de chat.
  • Paso 5: el chat se eliminará completamente.

Nota: mientras los chats no se archiven después de ser archivados, los mensajes no se archivarán cuando se reciban.

Parte 2: ocultar chats en WhatsApp Plus sin archivarlos.

  • Paso 1: vaya a configuración → seguridad para habilitar la instalación de la aplicación a través de la opción "fuentes desconocidas". A continuación, descargue WhatsApp Plus 2022 desde el sitio web oficial.
  • Paso 2: inicie WhatsApp Plus, ingrese su número de teléfono y verifique.
  • Paso 3: seleccione el chat que desea ocultar. Haga clic en el icono con tres puntos en la esquina superior derecha. Ahora debería ver la opción "ocultar".
  • Paso 4: aparecerá una pantalla con un patrón. El patrón es un código de bloqueo que puede usar para ocultar el chat. Asegúrese de que el patrón sea diferente al que aparece en la pantalla de bloqueo del teléfono y recordarlo.
  • Paso 5: compruebe el modo de bloqueo de chat oculto y ver todos los chats guardados aquí.
  • Paso 6: para hacer que el chat vuelva a ser visible, seleccione cualquier chat aquí y haga clic en el icono con tres puntos → haga clic en marcar como no leído.

Parte 3: resumen

En resumen, hay dos maneras de ocultar chats en WhatsApp Plus: archivado y no archivado. Por el momento, WhatsApp oficial no puede ocultar chats sin usar archivos. Así que descargue WhatsApp Plus APK para hacer su chat más privado.

Hay otros mods relativamente buenos para WhatsApp, como YO WhatsApp. ?Es un MOD muy sólido!